flyers and whatnot

Here's a bunch of things I made for people this year. Flyers for Cosmic Monkey Comics, Album art for the band Caregiver, Poster for the band Howie And The Hot Knives, and a caricature of my favorite lady friend.

Cosmic Monkey Comics. The finest shoppe in towne for all your nerdy needs.

Howie and the Hot Knives. The finest rock n roll for all your stoney needs.

Caregiver. Two freaks who make cacaphony. This is the layout for their demo CD. Fold-up poster with Red Cross window cut-out.

My beautiful baby.


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I work the graveyard shift at a factory, I listen to all kinds of shit on my headphones all night. I feel compelled to make dozens and dozens and dozens of fliers for shows in hopes that someday I will be a competent artist. (Never gunna happen.)