I'm not about winter. Not about it at all.

Slow month for shows in need of flyers. I hate the cold. But at least it hasnt been raining.
I gave 5 collages for the Peoples Art Of Portland show at THE MALL this month. They are awesome people. I stopped and stared at a suit on a mannequin in J Crew for a few minutes, it was tight.

The Know's 7th anniversary week is going to be killer, so keep an eye on more about that shit.

Here's some goods.



Thanks to everyone who came out to the First Friday artwalk in Oct! The Vern was packed to the gills and a bunch of nice people actually purchased my prints and collages! THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

I'm trying to line up an art show in Oakland around January. That'll be a hoot.
Anyways, here's the goods for Nov.



This month I will be hanging an art show at my favorite Southeast Portland dive, The Vern.

I spent just about every night getting blasted on $4 pitchers (now $5) from 2005-2008, so I'm very excited that they are dipping their toes into the black cesspool of ugly monthly art shows. The opening reception will be on First Friday. I hear rumor of a rock show being concocted for the following Saturday. If that comes to fruition then I will be partying and peddling there all night.
It'll be up through the whole month, and will be very cheap! Come by sometime to play pinball, watch sports, drink on the cheap, and admire dimly lit and haphazardly hung artstuffs!

And onto the fliers....


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I work the graveyard shift at a factory, I listen to all kinds of shit on my headphones all night. I feel compelled to make dozens and dozens and dozens of fliers for shows in hopes that someday I will be a competent artist. (Never gunna happen.)